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Paul Farol. He describes himself as a “funny troll in shining armor” and usually invites himself to most conversations on line. His idea of public service is to offer free lessons on grammar and diction as well as providing excruciatingly detailed weight loss advice, whether or not it is asked for.

Over the last 20 or so years, he has spent his life in TV news, government communications, political communications, corporate public relations, and social media strategy consulting.

He is currently into powerlifting after failing an attempt to become a body builder in the physique category, figuring that if he can’t get the looks he should just focus on becoming the strongest lifter he can be.

Powee Capino. His journey to social media started when he was a reporter.

Among the people who left a lasting impression on him was a mentor in RPN9. Capino saw him printing around 50 pages of Google ads guidelines so he approached him and asked what was that all about. He explained the potential of the digital market for earning and livelihood.

As he was a fresh grad around 11 years ago, Capino told himself, “I should work hard and learn the ropes of journalism since a good content means competent writing and credible sourcing.” He made sure I went home late to get a good grasp of how to write and he knew that investing in this skill would eventually pay off. Laboring through breaking news and low pay would be his training ground but it also made him tough.  He finds himself grateful to all his bosses and  colleagues in RPN,  ABS-CBN News Online, Solar News, and the other magazines/online publications he worked for.

Capino dabbled into the PR world as well, being a consultant for then Department of Budget and Management Secretary Rolando Andaya and worked as a consultant, with banks as clients.  His first full time digital job, however, was between 2012 and 2014 when he lived in Bicol.

After his father (Columnist and radio commentator Alvin Capino) died, he had to look for work and Senator Alan Peter Cayetano took him in to manage his social media. He had to learn fast as social was a vital platform to spread out our message for the country. He was amazed by the experience as he was able to meet volunteers and supporters who all aspired for change.

Today, Powee is a columnist for and Senator Cayetano is still his boss.

Powee Capino loves his country and supports President Duterte. He believes in the change Duterte represents and wants for the country.

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Miguel Patacsil.