Our Guidelines

The challenge of writing for Social Media Soup is best summed up with a quote attributed by many to Benjamin Franklin, “Either write something worth reading or do something worth writing about.”

With that said, the articles written here should be:

Accurate. Regardless of what you choose to write about, you should be accurate when it comes to citing facts and be precise with the terminologies you use.

Authentic. The writing should spring from the writer’s experiences. Certainly, you can write about things that you find on the internet, but stopping there would do yourself a great disservice as a writer and as a human being. The internet merely provides you a map or a menu, your goal should be to experience as much as you can and write about those experiences.

Beyond these two things, we should also consider the following:

Sponsored posts. There will be no need to declare whether a post is sponsored or written on behalf of a client so long as what we write about is accurate and authentic.

Controversies. We may take sides in any controversy so long as we pursue discussions with civility.