Kanpai! Marcos has been buried in the LNMB!

The Marcos burial at the Libingan ng mga Bayani (LNMB) made me think of the Japanese word Kanpai, for some reason. In fact, the very title of this article kind of seems like an anime title, don’t you think?

In the Japanese language, depending on the Kanji characters used, the word kanpai can mean two very different things.

The first set of characters, 乾杯, is the Kanpai that Filipinos are more familiar with. It is the toast done before drinking sessions start. It is like, “Cheers!”, in English. It is a pretty good guess that those who wanted Marcos buried in LNMB, and got their wish, were busy clinking glasses and celebrating afterwards.

The second set of characters, 完敗, means total loss, complete defeat. I’m pretty sure, though, that those who oppose the burial of Marcos will simply not find it in themselves to have this word in their vocabulary.

The question I’m more interested in, however, concerns the future: what is going to happen from here on?  Is this going to be the development that will get president Rodrigo Duterte ousted? Or is it simply yet another move in his seemingly grand game of shogi?

If you think about it, the opposition is being forced to play its cards pretty early.


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