AMLC access – Daxim L. Lucas

Not a few eyebrows were raised when it was announced Wednesday last week that Insurance Commission chief Emmanuel Dooc would be the new president of the Social Security System.

Dooc was, after all, an appointee of former President Aquino and supposedly a recommendee of former Finance Secretary Cesar Purisima, and the current administration has made it clear that it’s not a fan of the previous dispensation’s policies or appointees.


At the same time, the SSS leadership is widely viewed to be a plum presidential appointment, especially since the state-administered private sector pension fund manages over P400 billion in investible funds.

Whatever the reason for Dooc’s appointment is—despite his fixed term as head of the Insurance Commission— the Duterte administration will now have to find a new IC chief. And more importantly, that IC chief will replace Dooc on the three-member Anti-Money Laundering Council (AMLC) board. That’s the same body that President Duterte had railed against for supposedly not cooperating with his administration’s drive to get to the bottom of the Sen. Leila de Lima’s alleged involvement in illegal narcotics.

So it should be interesting to watch who President Duterte will appoint because he will name not only an IC head, but a powerful AMLC official as well.

Read Bizz Buzz at the Philippine Daily Inquirer


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