Soup it is!

We’re all generating content on social media, basically eyeballs and fingers lured by other eyeballs and fingers.

No one really knows whether the content generated by billions of people interacting online will amount to anything other than warehouses full of servers and hard drives, but we’re determined to get something out of it.

can008r2At the very least, we’ll have a couple of t-shirts and calling cards printed. Both will have either a can or cauldron of soup as a logo of sorts and some attempt at a smart tag-line.

Friends who’ve been with us since our first crazy idea will probably roll their eyes and try to ignore both thinking it’ll go away.

No one will mention the word social media or soup in the same sentence lest we start going on endlessly that THIS is THE BLOG.

Will Social Media Soup change the world?

We don’t know and that is what we aim to find out.


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